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Christians pounce

We are truly back to business as usual, where the reaction to an event bees more of a concern for the media than the event itself. First, of course, we’ve …


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Westeros So White

The old leftie George R R Martin discovers that you can never be woke enough. Because the world of the Chronicles of Fire and Ice can hardly be criticised for …

Sully versus Hollywood


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Anzac Day Repost: Grandfather’s Bridge

Note: I have originally published this long post?two and a half ago, and since then it has bee one of my and my readers’ favourite TDC stories. I have reposted …


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Hands off my books, Marie

Who is this monster and what does she want? Book lovers are not happy about the way organization guru Marie Kondo remends handling books in her new Netflix series “Tidying …

20 best books I’ve read in 2017


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Lending a pinching hand

This guy will be very happy today: So will Julie Bishop. With a big emphasis on disability and 50 skin shades of same or different sex multiracial couples holding hands, …


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The case for love socialism

A friend of mine on Facebook has indirectly turned my attention to this Medium piece from a few years back, which summarises the results of a not very scientific but …